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These teaching materials enable tutors in HEIs to deliver a structured programme of business consultation support to students through intensive workshops and mentoring. It provides tutors with the materials to support students in developing their consultancy skills and knowledge of a consultancy methodology that will have a positive impact on SME operations and business performance.

This guide introduces students to the consultancy methodology that forms the basis of their consultancy interventions with SMEs. It contains step-by-step support, from initiation of a consultancy intervention, through to its conclusion. The guide can be used in conjunction with the Higher Education Teaching Materials or used independently.

This toolkit enables SMEs to understand both the requirement and the process of introducing innovation into their products, services and processes, and the potential benefit for the business overall. The toolkit includes a guide which explains the rationale for innovation and the basic skills needed to make it effective.

These business intervention approaches present a process and set of tools that can be used by (internal) coaches, innovation consultants and/or business support organisations that are facilitating SMEs to improve their ability in creating and establishing innovations that have impact on the SME's operational performance.

This research paper explores the reasons for the weaknesses in the underlying culture and support infrastructure for innovation in SMEs, using the European Innovation Scoreboard criteria. The paper provides a framework for analysis of weaknesses, and explores potential solutions. In doing so, it is relevant for a wide range of HEI and VET groups.