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Online store for speech therapy materials - Case study from Austria

The company

Katrin has been working successfully as an independent speech therapist in Vienna for more than 10 years. Her work focuses on aphasia, articulation disorders, dysarthrophonia, myofunctional disorders and dysphagia.

Her “Logopraxis” is very well established on the market and offers both individual therapy as well as home visits. She has contracts with health insurance companies and therefore her income is secured. Now she wants to take the next step to expand her offer. As part of our AISAB intervention, we looked at her idea of establishing a specialized online store for speech therapy material.

The innovation

As an outcome of the intervention process lead by the AISAB coach, Katrin started with a feasibility study, which revealed the following:

There are already some online shops in the German-speaking area on the subject of therapy material, such as www.prologshop.
de ,,, and some more, but most are too unspecific, unstructured and innovative at all.

In Austria, there is only one specialist retailer, , which was originally founded by a speech therapist, but was taken over by in 2013 because of his retirement. This shop offers very specific consumables and speech therapy aids, but the palette has not been expanded for years. This is the chance for real innovation in this market! In addition, the homepage is extremely confusing and poorly structured, and products are still overpriced.

The Business Model Canvas session produced the following outcomes:

 Key Partners are: speech therapists as well as producers of innovative material

 Key Activities: sales of therapy material (specific and focused on niches)

 Key Resources: more detailed feedback from potential customers, Storage space, further

 Value Propositions: High-quality products that are purely tailored to logo therapeutic practice; well-structured website (at the same time knowledge platform) for speech therapists with an online ordering option for well-designed products

 Customer Relationships: as broad as possible, starting in the regional environment with expansion to German-speaking countries with "minimal viable products / services"; only in a next step, further professionalization, expansion of the product range and expansion to other European countries; Tools: Mainly personal contacts: recommendation by colleagues, by clients, personal discussions, online, etc.; Next step: via online platform, newsletters and more professional advertising measures

 Customer Segment: strictly limited to the field of speech therapy at the beginning


Katrin has now a clear idea of how her innovation will become a market success:

In a first step “” should focus on the needs of speech therapists and offer specific speech therapy material, therapeutic aids and so-called consumables for speech therapy. For the beginning, sales will be tailored to the German-speaking market and should offer a good price - performance ratio.

Medicine is an ever-evolving process, new clinical pictures emerge constantly and this fact requires fast innovation processes regarding new therapies and methods as well as new "tools". Therefore, the site should also be a sort of knowledge-platform for speech therapists giving them the chance to exchange their Know How and to collect suggestions for required material. Companies that can respond to these specific product requirements should also be involved via the platform.

The impact

  • Innovation Focus: Lean innovation management will play a key role during the further development of LOGOBEDARF.AT; Katrin will focus on the use of new materials, improved processes and new marketing approaches.
  • Failed experiments will be regarded as a source of learning.
  • Katrin will systematically encourage, explore and reward creative thinking.
  • Sources of knowledge and innovation (organizational and individual) and their outputs known will be monitored.