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Establishing internal standards - Case study of a Slovenian company

A Slovenian company producing precisely milled tools took part in the Business Intervention Process, participating 3 meetings with the AISAB Innovation Coach, resulting in significant outcomes.

The company

ORO precizne CNC obdelave d.o.o. is the legal formal successor of the ORO tool making company Janez Suša s.p., which has been working and producing tools and tooling plates for various clients for 30 years. With five modern CNC milling machines, they can manufacture the most precision tooling plates up to 2200mm x1200mm and weighing up to 6t. In the near future, they are expecting the delivery of the latest machine for the precise production of machine plates, which will put them among the leading providers of such
products in Slovenia.

Innovative thinking about different market products (extremely precisely milled products) offers the company a competitive edge over providers of similar products, while at the same time it enables them to spread knowledge and innovative thinking among their employees.

The company has 12 employees with mechanical engineering education. Recently a new managing director has also taken over the management of the company.

The company has business partners mainly abroad with their largest market being Germany. They also have
their own rep in order to obtain new customers and coordinate offers with permanent subscribers.

The innovation and impact

Together with the managing director and employees present at the third set of workshops, possible solutions to their problems were determined.

The first suggestion was elaborated as follows:

The establishment of internal standards, which are necessarily to be recorded (firstly, in writing, in the long run, we could seek digitization):

  • uniform standards of work, business, arrangement of the working environment and indicative technological parameters are to be recorded in an internal document, which is continually updated. Photo material can also be added;
  • each machine has its own copy of an internal document in which all employees write down their ideas, solutions to problems, opinions, suggestions, good practices as well as examples of bad practice as a warning;
  • once a month at a joint meeting, these ideas are reviewed, best selected and added to the basic set standards;
  • the ideas of new employees are specially encouraged and collected; more experienced workers should supplement and assist them in doing so, by way of which they stimulate their innovation and sense of importance, belonging (new and longer-standing employees);
  • creation of the necessary forms on the tool register on a particular machine, record of tool rental, etc.;
  • the foam pads are inserted into the tool trays;
  • the responsibilities and duties of employees are recorded in an internal document. 

Beside the aforementioned there were some other suggestions, which will be elaborated in more details in the near future:

  • The introduction of the ISO standard as soon as possible.
  • More frequent exchanges of views, experiences – at least once a month at a meeting.
  • Thinking about the afternoon acting managing director, who will relieve the managing director.
  • Additional training and education.
  • Making good use of EU funds for the purchase of modern software.
  • Thinking about purchasing a rough coating machine (the company thus circumvents an intermediary, i.e. a rep and material defects). 

All in all it needs to be pointed out that these proposals have been confirmed as important and most valuable not only by the management but also by the employees. They decided to act immediately and implement first solutions, which will be followed by others.