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3rd partner meeting in Hungary, at the University of Sopron

The actual meeting for the AISAB Erasmus+ KA2 project was held in Sopron, Hungary. The partners from Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Spain, UK and Hungary arrived on time at the University of Sopron, where the Alexandre Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics hosted the meeting.

The Agenda was very ambitious for the 2 days, it begun with an overview of the purpose of the 2-day meeting, than the goals of the previous meeting were confirmed. The IO leaders highlighted some core issues of the previous tasks. It was emphasised, that partners must pilot all workshops in any order and evaluations must be kept. The partners agreed upon having feedbacks from the tutors of the pilots (an online questionary will be delivered also for the IO4), so the best case studies can be selected an added later to the handbook. It was also mentioned for the evaluation process that it is important to respond to evaluation questionnaires. The preparation milestones for the IO3/IO4 pilots were set by the actors, and the next meeting date was also remembered. The external evaluator commented the project positively.