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SME Innovation Coaching

The AISAB Business Intervention Approaches aims to describe a process and a fitting set of tools that can be used by (internal) coaches, innovation consultants or business support organisations that are facilitating SMEs  to improve their ability in creating and establishing innovations that have impact on the SME's operations performance.


  • An innovation process, that describes the framework and all necessary steps to deal with our Bussiness Intervention Approaches;
  • A set of diagnostic tools to determine the needs of SMEs and direct the focus of advice and support;
  • Templates to structure and record recommendations and coaching meetings;
  • A log to record the qualitative changes made by the organisation;
  • A tool to calculate the immediate impact of the intervention, and its predicted impact after 3 years;
  • A framework for a short course that will train facilitators on how to use the materials;
  • SME case studies highlighting how the range of intervention approaches has been applied across SMEs.




Screenshot 2018-05-03 14.58.55_0.png


More information in the presentation of Dr Paul Schober: How to facilitate Innovation in SMEs .