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Partnership Meeting No.2 - Granada, Spain

The second meeting of the AISAB project was set in the city of Granada (Spain), the 1st  and 2nd  of March, 2018.

First of all, it is interesting to highlight that Granada is a wonderful historical and monumental city, which is situated in the South East of Spain in the province of Andalucía. Regardless of being set in the South of Spain it has the most Southern skiing slopes in Europe, since it has a high Mountain named Sierra Nevada. Likewise, it is near the Mediterranean Sea, since only 76 km separate the city from the coast and the beach.

Looking back to the meeting, the aim of this report is to highlight the importance and activities make in this meeting. In this regard, it should be taken into account that a large number of tasks must have been done within these days. Then, the meeting were scheduled throughout the Thursday 1st and the morning and afternoon in Friday 2nd.

Thursday 1st the meeting was set in the Business Administration and Economics School of Granada, in the Campus of Cartuja in the North side of the city. It started at 9:00 with the Welcome coffee and the formal Welcome to the 3nd AISAB partnership meeting, the 2nd on-site meeting. Later, the last meeting was summed and the Work Plan and Timescales for the project were updated.  Likewise, the regarding leaders of each Output were exposing their purposes, progress and drawbacks found in the project so far.

Output 1 and 2 were exposed before the lunch at 13:00 hours in the Canteen of the School and later, Output 3 and 4 were run. Finally, a review was made to sum up/settle/ensure all the comments made along with the whole day. Additionally, the preparation for the 2nd day was done.

After this meeting, at 18:00 hours, a guided tour around the Vicecancellor´s Office, named Hospital Real, was made. This historical building has a mixture of different architectonical styles –Mudejar, Gothic and Renaissance- and It was built as a hospital during the Catholic Kings´ reign as a place to assist injured persons that were fighting in the war against the Arabs. Recently, it is the main building where the management of the University of Granada is done and the main library of the University is set.

Once the visit was finished people were allow to visit the city centre until 20:00, when the partnership evening meal was timed. All the partners met in the “Damasqueros” restaurant (, a typical restaurant in the city where all of us could taste a special menu of several dishes of food from Granada.

Finally, partners returned to the hotel by walking or taxi, since the hotel was not very far away from this location.

Friday 2nd, the meeting was set in the hotel where all the partners were accommodated, named “Carmen de la Victoria”, which is property of the University and it is set on the skirts of the “Albaycin” district in Granada in front of Alhambra.

This day the meeting started also at 9:00 o´clock in the morning and the project management and dissemination and the information of IO3 was worked before having lunch in the hotel. After it, IO4 workshop information was gathered; followed by the next steps to follow.

The meeting finished at 15:30 with all the spoken duties distributed among all the partners immersed in the project.

Then, all the attendants were allowed to visit the city freely by themselves.

From Granada, we wish all of the attendants have an excellent stay at our city and encourage you to come back again more quietly to enjoy completely yourself the essence of the city.

Rodrigo Martín-Rojas

Departamento de Organización de Empresas
Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales,
Campus de Cartuja s/n, 18071 Granada.

People attending to the meeting were:

List of expected participants - Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd October 2017    


Partner Organisation


David Dawson (DD)

University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, UK (UOG)

Gideon Capie (GC)

University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, UK (UOG)

Dr Paul Schober (PS)

Hafelekar, St. Polten, Austria (HAF)

Dr József Lengyel Lengyel (JL)

Prompt-H, Godollő, Hungary (PRMT)

Maria Hartyanyi (MH)

Prompt-H, Godollő, Hungary (PRMT)

Prof Borut Likar (BL)

University of Primorska, Koper, Slovenia (UP)

Karin Žontar (KZ)

Korona, Ljubljana, Slovenia (KOR)

Elena Molis Bañales (EMB)

Universidad de Granada, Granada, Spain (GRAN)

Rodrigo Martín Rojas (RMR)

Universidad de Granada, Granada, Spain (GRAN)

Vanesa Barrales Molina (VBM)

Universidad de Granada, Granada, Spain (GRAN)

Víctor Jesús García Morales (VJGM)

Universidad de Granada, Granada, Spain (GRAN)

Andrea Rossi (AR)

Fondazione ITS, Bergamo, Italy (ITS)

Armando Persico

Fondazione ITS, Bergamo, Italy (ITS)