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AISAB will create educational materials, intervention processes and courses for HE students, and business leaders, to improve and accelerate innovation across Europe. Harnessing HEIs' and VET organisations’ skills, the project will address identified EU-wide need to raise the level of innovation. This need is best addressed by a collaborative response pulling together and developing best practice taken from/relevant for a range of EU contexts.

Materials and curricula developments will involve significant student and academic feedback. Materials and courses for business will be designed with input from existing innovative businesses. Partners believe ‘innovation’ should be part of business as usual, and  students will be more ‘employable’ if they acquire this mindset during education.


  1. Develop a series of tools and techniques that leverage the work of previous projects, and established good practice, into a HE context for use with students to enhance their knowledge of innovation (IO1)
  2. Create a handbook/process guide enabling HE students to work within SMEs to assess and develop innovation practice to enhance their skills in assessing and implementing innovation (IO2)
  3. Design and develop a toolkit for SMEs to self-diagnose innovation practice and identify weaknesses (IO3)
  4. Develop business intervention approaches to enhance innovation practices in SMEs (IO4)
  5. Create case studies for use in a VET and HE context to support dissemination and exploitation of project results (IO2/3/4)
  6. Write and present a research paper exploring reasons for weaknesses in the underlying culture and support infrastructure relating to innovation in SMEs (IO5)

The overarching idea is that innovation should be transitioned from academia into the workplace and vice versa. The AISAB Project aims to achieve this two-way innovation flow through three key aspects: its mix of industry, VET and HE partners; student engagement with SMEs and the innovation process; and through the development of VET materials into a HE setting.